Club Castropignano Mission Statement

Club Castropignano was founded to make a positive difference to individuals, families and the Niagara community by providing opportunities for members to maintain and promote their Italian heritage and culture.


Club Castropignano Vision Statement

Through utilization of an event space, member’s club and community events; funds are generated and reinvested into our club as well as within our community via donations to local charitable organizations.


Club Castropignano Purpose

There are many Italian clubs within the Niagara Region, however only Club Castropignano  is region specific, with its roots  directly tied to the region of Molise, Italy.  This makes Club Castropignano unique and the traditions of language, food, music and festivities that are paramount to our members  are kept alive through regular member’s events, public events and bocce leagues for the benefit of our members and other interested parties with the community .

Club Castropignano  will continue to be the place where members will want to gather for camaraderie and fellowship in an environment that is inclusive and inviting.  Club Castropignano  is committed to being proactive in keeping current with the evolving times to ensure continuity. 

As a good corporate citizen, Club Castropignano  will continue to give back to the community with  charitable offerings.