Minutes of the General Meeting of November 29/21

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Minutes of the General Meeting of November 29/21 

Meeting called to order at 3:11 PM

There were 21 Members present

Moment of Silence for our deceased members

Motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting of October 24/21
Motion made by Mike Koros and seconded by Kelly McGrath--- carried

President’s Report
John recapped the club’s vision, mission and purpose statements and the next steps in getting the club ready for opening were discussed as follows
1.Variance – City of Port Colborne--- Cannot renovate until approved
Nancy advised that the minor variance application will be submitted on Monday November 29th to the City of Port Colborne and that the process could take until early February for approval but cosmetic renovations can begin anytime now( ie taking down non load bearing walls, removing pews etc)

2.Tear down and selling of pews
Paul advised that he has sold 10 pews for a total of $1675.00 and there are 8 remaining pews that can be sold.

3.Design Plans
We will be seeking the input from a designer for the hall layout. Things like the placement of the bar, tables, occupancy etc need to be properly laid out for maximum efficiency and aesthetics . More info will be coming in future meetings

4.Securing Caterer 
At this point in time, we are gathering quotes and costs from a few caterers and will have more information at a future meeting.

5.Variance Approval – Then renovation begins first upstairs then downstairs. More renovations will be required in the basement than the upstairs so the renovations will take place in phases

What can we do for our Senior Members?  John posed the question to the membership and various ideas were shared and will be followed up on at future meetings but Mario noted that members who want certain activities or groups will need to be proactive in running them and working within the events schedules etc.

1.Dominic Macoretta suggested returning to the past groups like the Festa group, Bocce Group--- they made money for the club

2.Dorothy Santarella suggested shuffle board groups and that perhaps even incorporating a shuffle board design into the floor of the basement member’s lounge. Dorothy also suggested partnering with the Senior’s Centre bocce leagues and will look into the possibility and costs. All agreed that partnering with other organizations that already have leagues/space etc is a good idea and the club can pay for our members to participate.

3.Bruno Sardella suggested that the groups need to run themselves and report back to the membership.  The Festa group was also mentioned by Bruno as a good way to bring back the older members.

4.Kelly McGrath suggested running the member’s lounge like the Legions do with dart leagues, cards, cribbage,  euchre and definitely a TV for watching FIFA or football Sunday’s. 

Treasurer’s Report:
Paul reported that there is $812,490.12 in the bank accounts after the club has been fully paid for and after all the closing costs.

Dorothy suggested that the club could also donate some of the pews to local groups or organizations that are in need of seating and will follow up with Paul.

Business Operations:
Nancy reported that we now have 106 members and the two newest members are Tracy Fasan and Mike Gregotski

Nancy reminded everyone who has not rsvp’d to the Member’s Christmas Party on December 11th and/or paid for their guests that the last day to rsvp or pay is December 1st. 
The November membership draw was pulled and the winner was Mike Koros who won a $50 gift card from Savoia’s Catering

New Business:

Dominic Macoretta asked if all the bi-laws from the past have been compiled yet into one place and Nancy advised that once the file boxes are accessible; she will attempt to put them all together however there are years of missing records and minute books and it may never be fully complete

Dominic Macoretta asked if we could return to regular monthly meetings and John advised that the executive had decided to have quarterly meetings because there was so few who turned out for meetings in the past but the idea will be discussed at the next executive meeting and brought up at the February General Meeting

Mike Koros asked if regular monthly pasta nights will return and John advised that there will be pasta nights but probably more tied into events or on special dates. We do not want to be considered a place for pasta dinners/ our new vision/mission/purpose is to be more of an event space and not to compete with the Italian Hall.  Any pasta nights must be cost effective or there is no point in having them.

Dorothy Santarella asked if there will be office space at the new hall and Nancy advised, yes there will be a small space for her and the accountant to work but that many files will always have to be stored at Safe n Sound as space is limited.

Dorothy Santarella asked if there is a budget for renovations and John replied that the executive is currently looking at costs but since we only have owned the building for a few days, it will take a bit of time to get the walls down and figure out electrical, plumbing and other costs and because we have to wait for the minor variance to be approved and to get a liquor license etc… there is no rush and it is important to do the renovation right the first time and to work within established budgets and never be financially challenged again ( as in the past) We will be prudent in our spending.

Dominic Macoretta asked for a trustee’s report and John advised that no monies have been spent outside of the purchase of the building for most of 2021 and a report will be forthcoming in 2022 meeting.

Bruno Sardella asked if member’s dues will change in 2022 and John advised that at this time no changes are anticipated but will be discussed at the next executive meeting and the membership  will be advised accordingly.

The meeting was adjourned on a motion made by Ryley Davoli and seconded by Kelly McGrath

Meeting adjourned at 4:25 pm

Next meeting will be February 27, 2022 and member’s will be advised of the location via email and regular mail