Club Castropignano Bursary Award 2022

27.05.22 04:22 PM By news

Who can apply? 

Application—please print clearly 

or type responses below


Name: _____________________________________________________________________



Address: ____________________________________________________________________


Phone number: _______________________________________________________________


Date of birth: _________________________________________________________________


Current school: ________________________________________________________________

If mature student- please elaborate


Post Secondary institution you will be attending ______________________________________

Proof of offer and acceptance of school must be attached


Field of Study:__________________________________________________________________


Have you ever been employed by Club Castropignano?_________________________________

(if yes, when and in what capacity) 


Are you currently a member in good standing with Club Castropignano? ___________________


How did you hear about this scholarship?____________________________________________


Are you the child or grandchild of a member-in-good -standing of Club Castropignano? Yes/No


If yes, please tell us their name and their relationship to you_____________________________


Will you agree to become a member-in-good-standing with Club Castropignano? Yes/No


What special skills do you possess that you could use to help if called upon to volunteer at Club Castropignano? ________________________________________________________________



Who are you? 

Tell us a bit about yourself—Please attach a short essay 500-1000 words about who you are. You can share things like hobbies, employment history, community or church volunteer, social clubs you belong to, sports you play, favorite subjects in school ( and why), awards you have won. 

If you have a current resume, you may also submit it. 

If you have had any connection to Club Castropignano either as a child, guest, employee, volunteer or customer, please share your experience. 


Thank you for your application. 





Club Castropignano Niagara Bursary Award



The bursary amount is $500 to any student who is a member, child or grandchild of Club Castropignano Niagara member-in-good-standing or an employee or former employee of Club Castropignano entering first year university, college or trade school in Canada with an accepted offer to attend post-secondary school. Your acceptance of offer must be included. 




Your application and any attachments become the property of Club Castropignano and will be used only to determine your eligibility for the bursary. None of your personal information will be stored or kept for any reason outside of the bursary application process.




Applications are due no later than June 1, 2022 and can be sent in person by mail to Club Castropignano Niagara- attention Business Operations Manger 

700 Steele Street Port Colborne L3K4Z2 or the application can be sent electronically to



The winning applicant will be notified before June 30/22. All applicants will be advised regardless if they are successful and we thank all applicants for their interest in Club Castropignano Niagara and we wish you much luck on your future endeavors.