Club Castropignano

Our History

Our Story

In the early 1970’s, a few immigrants from Castropignano Italy had a vision to create a social club to be named “Club Castropignano”. The chosen “name” was to honour their beloved birthplace, “Castropignano,” a tiny village located in the Molise region of Italy.

A group of volunteers issued an invitation to all interested persons to attend a meeting on October 15, 1972 at Club Capri in Thorold. At that time, forty people first registered for membership, followed by the election of the first president and Board of Directors for the newly formed “Club Castropignano Niagara.”

  • By the end of 1972, Club membership exceeded one hundred Active Members who commenced the preparation and planning to build a club hall to be used for their monthly meetings and small activities.

  • In fulfillment of their vision, with the financial support of club members, a large parcel of land was purchased on Egerter Road in Port Robinson, Ontario.

  • Decisions were made to borrow the necessary funds to build a fifteen hundred square foot building. The majority of the construction labour was volunteered by dedicated club members.

  • By December 31, 1977, a new “Club House” was completed.

  • In July of 1979, in order to meet the growing needs of the Club, the building was expanded to include full kitchen services with a hall seating capacity for up to 250 people to be made available for rental activities.

  • In October 1980, the first “Folcoloristico Group” of 65 members was created. They proudly entertained audiences throughout Southern Ontario with their routines of traditional Italian Song, Dance and Plays.

  • The first Bocce Club was organized where members participated in various competitions.

  • The first Women’s Auxiliary was created. These dedicated women organized many joyous events such as the Annual Children’s Christmas Party, Fashion Shows, Annual Family Night and St. Joseph’s Dinner Dance to generate funds for charitable organizations.

  • By 1989, the Club was experiencing difficulties meeting its growing demands. Recognizing the need for a more modern accessible facility, the members decided to expand its existing facilities to accommodate up to 500 persons. Provincial Grant was also approved to include a senior citizen hall.

  • By 1990, the expansion project was complete and members proudly celebrated with a Grand Opening in November of 1990. For the past forty years, Club Castropignano Niagara has donated to various charities and fundraisers, both locally and internationally. As well, it has sponsored sports and cultural organizations. The perseverance and dedication of its members past and present, who contribute invaluable volunteerism for the benefit of the Club, together with the support from local business, communities and the citizens of the Niagara Region has made Club Castropignano Niagara, the success that is today.